Yoga ID uses your medical history and biomechanics to optimise your yoga practice and your body

Yoga ID helps you create a personalized, well-rounded yoga practice with the perfect combination of one-on-one guidance, group lessons and home practice. With specifically-selected personal sequences that you can use anywhere you go via the mobile app, your unique practice has no bounds.

Are you one of the many people who feel intimidated by group classes and videos designed for the typical yoga student? Or do you want a more in-depth guidance choosing postures that are best adapted to your body and medical conditions? Maybe you would be interested in starting yoga, but lack time and resources—or simply access to an experienced yoga instructor.

Yoga ID provides a personalized yoga practice with detailed guidance to help you overcome your personal limitations and support your strengths.

Scientific research on the human body and the benefits of yoga is on the rise, increasing day by day. Now it's time we have a centralized source of information that can help us move forward to realizing the potential of our own bodies.

Yoga ID aligns your goals with elements of your medical history, taking evidence-based research and therapeutic principles into account to create personalized yoga sequences just for you. Yoga ID includes and excludes postures based on these criteria, selecting poses that are more appropriately adapted for your own body. This idealised compilation of postures creates a practice that is appropriate for you!

You can also base your choices on how much time you have, which areas of your body you want to stretch or strengthen, and your desired level of intensity. Yoga ID then arranges the postures into a well-rounded, intelligently-sequenced yoga practice, just for you.

With indications for beginner, intermediate and advanced practitioners, yogis of any level can use the Yoga ID mobile app. And as you learn and progress, the Yoga ID app will progress with you, advancing the difficulty of postures selected for your body as well as the practical audio cues that are given during your sequence.

With many alternatives to the style, intensity and level of practice, you never get bored on Yoga ID. With continually updated postures and sequences, the possibilities for your practice are endless.

Megan and special guest instructors will also continually upload themed instructional videos of yoga classes based on special topics and up-to-date research so that you can continue to learn as you use the Yoga ID app.