Through her years of experience, Megan has understood two primary lessons:
1. There will always be more to learn, and
2. There is no magic bullet because every body is unique.

Megan to instructs her patients and students to move their bodies in a better way and thus improving their lives and helping them to be freed from pain and discomfort. Megan created Yoga ID so that she can increase her reach to impact people's lives beyond the number of people she can meet in a day.

Megan's desire to simplify and to deliver the rich potential of personalized yoga for you has led to the birth of Yoga ID.
Yoga instructor, Chiropractic intern and entrepreneur, Megan Clayton is the Founder of the not-for-profit organisation One Yoga Collab and Creator of Yoga ID. Megan received a B.S. degree from Vanderbilt University in Economics, Managerial Studies and German Literature as well as a professional diploma in Corporate Social Responsibility from the University of Geneva. After working in Geneva, Switzerland and in Manhattan, NY, she decided to re-orient herself toward a career in yoga and healthcare and to began studies of Chiropractic in Paris, France.

Megan has been practicing yoga regularly since 2004 and received certification by Yoga Alliance in 2012 by completing her first yoga teacher training in the East Village on Manhattan. Currently living, studying and working in Paris, France, Megan draws on her years of experience and studies of physiology, semiology and biomechanics to develop individually-adapted yoga practices for her students and patients at the Chiropractic Clinic of Ivry-sur-Seine. Among her professional goals are: improving the quality of life of her students and patients, sharing her knowledge of human movement with other yoga teachers, and presenting practical applications of yoga therapy to fellow healthcare professionals.

"One Yoga Collab" based in Paris, France, provides yoga instruction to under-served individuals of the community.